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A Few Garage Door Safety Tips

It is important for people to take steps to keep their house secure against unwanted intruders. One of the most often overlooked security issues is the garage door, which just happens to be the largest door in the home. garage door. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips that people can follow to increase their garage door security. These precations can go a long way toward keeping your home secure and safe.

TAKE THE GARAGE DOOR REMOTE OUT OF THE CAR One of the first steps that people can implement when securing their garage door, is to take the remote out of the car. While it is convenient to keep a remote attached to a visor, it can also create a security risk. First, the remote can fall out of the car where it might be picked up by someone else. Second, some people forget to lock the car. This means that the garage door remote can easily be taken from the car, creating a major security risk. Finally, the garage door remote might also break, or batteries may die potentially stranding people outside of the home. While it is may be a hassle, try to avoid leaving a garage door remote in the car.

USE A SMARTPHONE APP THAT INTEGRATES WITH THE GARAGE DOOR OPENER Instead of relying on a manual garage door remote, why not use a smartphone app that integrates with the garage door opener? Integrity Garag

e Door Service, installs smooth, reliable garage door openers that conveniently have this wifi feature already built in that allows the user to control his or her garage door form their smart phone. These apps can also provide information on when the garage door is opened. If it links with a home security camera, people can also see who is accessing the home and be alerted when the garage opens. For even more security, this app is under password or fingerprint protection on the phone, making it hard to steal or break into. Because of this, garage door smartphone apps are rising in popularity.

ADD FROSTED GLASS OR SOME KIND OF WINDO COVERING TO THE WINDOWS A lot of crimes are crimes of opportunity which is why it is important to make sure that people cannot see into the garage. If people cannot see what is inside, they are less likely to be tempted to steal it. This is where frosted glass or some kind of window covering can be helpful. Fortunately, frosted glass will preserve the aesthetic appeal of the garage door while concealing what is inside. This is a straightforward tip to increase the security of the garage door.

INSTALL MOTION LIGHTS OVER THE DOOR Consider installing motion lights above the garage door. If someone gets close to the garage door, the motion lights will turn on, drawing attention to their presence, this is always a great deterrent to would be theives. This will hopefully alert the homeowners as well as the neighbors to whatever is happening in the area in front of the garage door. This can be enough to ward off people who would otherwise be thieves or burglars, creating a greater level of garage door security.


Accidents happen and one of the most common ones is driving into the garage door and knocking one of the panels loose or bending it. When the door is damaged, it makes it easier to access the home through the garage.

GARAGE DOOR SECURITY IS IMPORTANT These helpful garage door security tips can improve the security of your home and assist you with more peace of mind. These few recommendation are a doable place to start.

Of course, for all of your garage door needs, always call a name you can trust! Integrity Garage Door, Conroe 832-641-0402.

Garage Door Safety Tips
Garage Door Safety Tips

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