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A Very Important Backup Plan For Your Garage Door

Hopefully everyone's year is off to a great start! Here is a little tip that may save you some major inconvenience. We all know that garage doors are often the most used door in the house, in fact, nowadays they are replacing the front door, which takes me to the reason for this post.

The other day one of our customers came home late at night only to learn that their garage door spring had broken while they were away. They use their garage door so much, they had forgotten to keep a spare key handy...yikes! Unfortunately, they found themselves completely locked out of their home.

It's always a good idea to have a way to manually open your front door, you just never know! For this reason, don't forget to put a house key on your keychain, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or find a well hidden spot. In fact, we realized this was an issue that we needed to address as well and I will soon be off to the store having some extra keys made....just in case!

Of course, should you find yourself with an unexpected broken spring, be sure to call a name you can trust!

Integrity Garage Door Services 832-641-0402

Garage Door Won't Open/Broken Garage Door Spring
Garage Door Won't Open/Broken Garage Door Spring

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