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DYI on Garage Doors

Most every house has a garage and when we think about all of its many's indeed  a wonderful space to have.  The Garage Door has become one of the most used doors in the home, in fact, many no longer even use their front door.  Arriving home to see your garage door opening as if to say 'welcome home' can be a very pleasant site, especially when it's raining, it's dark, or there are a ton of groceries to haul in the house.   

Among the many benefits of a well maintained function garage door are the safety factors, like unwanted intrusions.

At some point, garage door repair and/or maintenance will be needed, often due to simple wear-and-tear, although unexpected accidents can happen. In some cases, for a variety of reasons, the homeowner may attempt to repair themselves.  

While there may be some money saved, there are very important reasons why that might not be the best course of action, as noted below.

Hassle Free-Service

Integrity Garage Door technicians have undergone a great deal of training in this area that affords  them the ability to provide quick, hassle-free service.  Their experience informs them of the proper procedures in all areas of service and repair, including correct protocols and safety measures.

Replacing damaged or broken parts might seem to be very easy, yet even those professionals know that such work is a learned skill, and caution is in order.

Certain garage door problems demand equipment that many homeowners may not have. When DIY fixers attempt such repair, they can often times make matter more complicated.   

When it comes to obtaining certain parts, many stores will not carry them or make them accessible for the average homeowner to purchase.  This is due to the potential risk of serious injury.  


The value of time is such that every minute that’s spent not enjoying life is something that can never be recaptured. Repairing a garage door can be an all-consuming process that may eat away at an entire weekend or serve as an extended project that gives off that will seemingly never end.

Contacting professional will free up the homeowner's time and schedule.  Additionally, they can enjoy an extra measure of peace of mind knowing the the job was done right. 

Clear and Present Dangers

By far, the most important reason why repairing your own garage door should be avoided is because of the risk to your health or others. Repairing a garage door spring is often seen as a simple fix, yet one mistake, or even a slip of the hand when winding those powerful springs can be very far reaching.

Integrity Garage Door Service

The good news is that Integrity Garage Door Service stands ready to address any and all of your garage door service needs.   We have worked hard for our reputation as one of the most trusted names in Conroe, and Surrounding areas. 832-641-0402

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