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Garage Door and Strange Sounds

Strange Garage Door Sounds that may Need Immediate Inspection and Repair

Most of us don’t worry too much about the condition of our garage door until the day we push the button on the remote and the door won’t open.

Different kinds of noises

Are there certain types of sounds that you should pay special attention to, as they may be signs of an impending problem? Yes and no. You should be aware that opening and closing your garage door involves a certain amount of noise that is considered normal of there are some things you can do to keep the sound at a minimum like nylon rollers and a belt driven garage door opener. If your electric door opener is chain‑driven, rather than belt‑driven, and the chain doesn’t have the correct tension, you will hear a little more noise. There will also be more noise during extremely cold temperatures. If there is a lot of moisture in your garage, the joints between the different sections of the door will creak more than they would otherwise. But there’s one noise that you should take seriously. You’re sitting peacefully in your living room when you suddenly hear a quick blast like a gunshot. This probably means that one of the springs has broken. A potential break cannot be detected in advance, a spring can break at any moment, especially if it was installed more than five years prior.

Precautions to take

To reduce unusual noises, there are a few actions you can take:Annual inspection: take a look at your garage door to make sure there are no loose bolts or screws. Check the condition of the rollers. A roller should roll‑not slide‑inside the track on it's own. Lubrication: a good way to help eliminate the noise that comes from the metal parts of the springs rubbing together. This can also help to protect from rust and prolong the life of the garage door and garage door opener. As mentioned earlier, nylon rollers as opposed to metal rollers can make a huge difference in the noise factor and overall movement of the door.

Annual tune‑up

We recommend having your garage door inspected and adjusted every year, especially if you’re extremely busy and use it more than usual (2 times/day). Be sure to call Integrity Door Services with any questions, a service call or even a simple tune-up, our hassle-free service can keep your garage door and garage door opener running smooth. We're local, family owned and operated, and we would love the opportunity to earn your business! 832-641-0402

Garage Door and Garage Door Opener
Garage Door and Garage Door Opener

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