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Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors

If your garage door reverses when going down, the first thing you will want to do is check your safety sensors.  You will notice two eye beams at the base of your tracks or perhaps on the wall brackets beyond the track that act as a safety mechanism.  If the beams are not properly aligned they will not connect in the middle and will treat the area under the door as if a child or object is in the way, thereby reversing the door.  While this can be an inconvenience, it is a very important safeguard that protects our children, pets and even the garage door itself.    

Sometimes something as simple as a leaf or spider web can be blocking the sensors.  If you don't see any obvious obstruction, try gently cleaning the sensor (be sure not to move it), if this does not remedy the problem its very possible they were slightly bumped with something like a trash can or bicycle.  While we try to bolt them down as tight as possible, it doesn't take a whole lot of force to bump them just enough to disrupt the connection. 

While there are a lot of instructions on how to realign sensors by reading various lights, unfortunately, the lights themselves are not always reliable indicators.  Many times it is a simple matter of trial and error to adjust them in such a way that they face one another at just the right angle.  

If you are in need of closing your door asap and don't have the time to work with them, try holding down the wall button which should disengage the safety mechanism, allowing your door to securely close until there is time and opportunity to properly address the sensors. 

Of course, if you have any questions, or need assistance, we are always just a phone call away! 832-641-0402

Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors
The eye beam must connect or the garage door opener will not go down

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