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Garage Door Openers, So Many Options

Tips for buying a Garage door opener

Buying a garage door opener is not as simple as it sounds. With many different openers to choose from, the best choice for your home may not be so obvious.

The best way to learn how to buy a garage door opener is to first know all the options from which you can choose.

Keep in mind that a good garage door opener, properly installed should last at least 10-15 years, for this reason you can easily justify spending an extra $50 on an upgrade. We have found that our Chamberlain, 3/4 HSP Belt Drive is the best value for the money.

Chain Drive: For years, the chain drive was our most popular Garage Door Opener, but it has now taken a backseat to the Belt Drive. The Chain Drive is dependable and packs a solid value. However, it is known to be on the noisy side, yet it is less expensive than a belt drive. Because the chain drive is reliable and a little less expensive, we have found that it's often the choice for rental properties.

Belt Drive: Belt drives are a quieter choice. They’re ideal if a room is above or next to your garage. They open with a rubber belt that is so smooth and quiet and belt drives tend to be very low maintenance. They create a much less lurchy ride for the garage door which results in less wear and tear over time.

Smart Technology: Did you know you can connect to your garage door opener via Wi-Fi? It’s true! You can control the opening and closing of the door through your smartphone. This option is excellent because you’ll never have to ask yourself “Did I close the garage door?” again. Battery Backup: In case the power goes out, you will still be able to use your garage door opener. If you experience a loss of power frequently in your area, then consider investing in a battery backup. LED Lighting: Garage door openers with LED lighting can provide a daylight-like feel to your entire garage and some openers have the motions censored light that comes on as soon as you walk into the garage, this can be quite convenient.

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener, call a name you can trust! 832-641-0402

Garage Door Openers, So Many Choices
Garage Door Openers

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