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Garage Door Windows or Not?

If you’re thinking of calling Lake Woodlands Garage Door to schedule a free estimate for a new garage of the basic decisions you will make is whether to purchase a garage door with or without the windows. Garage door windows can provide a variety of features and embellish the look of your new garage door.

They can also present a few challenges. We have found that most people no longer opt for windows, mainly due to privacy, however, here are some of the pros and cons of garage door windows.

  • Natural Light - natural light is can be as useful in the garage as anywhere else in the house. It improves visibility and can add warmth and beauty to the garage, especially inviting during the cold winter months.

  • Aesthetics - Garage Door windows can add a really nice decorative touch to your overall garage door design. Windows can be installed horizontally or vertically. There are a number of different inserts to lay over the windows that give it a particular style or design.

  • This can also add to the overall design and style of your home's exterior.

Here are a few reasons some people choose not to add widows to the garage door.

  • Privacy - Neighbors, strangers or would be thieves can see the contents within your garage. Those up to no good can more easily determine how to find access to the garage door lock by breaking through a window. Keep in mind, for a little extra money, frosted glass can be an option. It will prevent others from seeing in the garage and still allow some natural light.

  • Less Efficient - Windows provide less insulation and also let in sunlight. They have a low /R-value rating and offer little protection against UV rays or extreme temperatures.

For the most part, windows are not as often opted for as they once were. Unless you have specific design you are incorporating into the rest of your home, most opt for the privacy afforded by a solid garage door without windows.

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Garage Door Windows or Not?

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