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Garage Doors Add Curb Appeal

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, adding curb appeal is a pretty big deal. In a study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 99% of Realtors agreed that curb appeal is crucial when attracting a buyer, with 79 percent rating it as a very important value factor. Adding curb appeal can raise your home’s value by as much as 12% Even if your not trying to sell, improving your home's exterior can be a matter of personal pride. When you’re aiming to improving your home’s curb appeal, your garage doors can be an important factor. Imagine if you transformed this common, typically unimpressive exterior feature into an eye-catching, aesthetically appealing aspect to make your home shine. Leaving your garage door bland and unembellished in the same color and design your home came with means you’re missing out on the opportunity to maximize curb appeal with a simple feature. A beautiful Garage Door can accent your home’s exterior features and turn it from drab to dazzling. Whether you’re putting your house on the market or tackling a home improvement project, here are our best garage door curb appeal ideas to help.

How a Garage Door Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

When it comes to the colors, materials and design in the front of your home, a little change can go a long way — no matter what kind of improvement you make. Whether you’re giving your old garage door new life with a fresh coat of paint or replacing your garage door completely, any investment you make in the look of your garage door is going to increase the curb appeal of your entire home. If your garage doors and the front of your home are a similar color, painting the garage a lighter, brighter or darker color than the rest of your exterior can make it pop. If your shutters, front door or roof don’t go well with your home design or darken its appearance, using your garage door design to complement them can offset the right assets and give the house a refreshing new aesthetic. Whether your house is new or older and whether you want accent colors or updated doors, improving your garage door can boost your curb appeal.

Updating Your Garage Door to Increase Curb Appeal

While upgrading your garage door doesn’t have to mean replacing it completely, sometimes the best way to achieve better style and curb appeal in your home design is to start with a fresh canvas. If your home has been around for a while and your garage door has seen its share of wind and weather, it might be time to replace your current garage door and install a new one. While a new door can seem expensive, replacing your garage door is an upgrade with one of the best returns on investment. When it’s time to pick your new garage door, you want to choose something that stands out with the right amount of visual appeal, complements your exterior home design and offers the highest quality material. Whether you opt for a modern or traditional design, your garage door should reflect your personal style and set the tone for any future designs you implement in other areas. Choose from a variety of materials to match your tastes and add some special features to make your door stand out. You can also set your garage door apart by incorporating windows. Whether you have a line of small windows along the top of the door, a stack of sleek windows positioned vertically on one side or a couple of arched windows on either side, this simple addition will go a long way for your door design.

When you’re replacing or updating your garage door for curb appeal, you might not think about your door as a place to play with paint colors and express your tastes — but just like your roof, shutters, front door and home exterior, your garage door offers you a unique opportunity to individualize your home design and express your style. Paint color offers a suit your house offers you a variety of options and interesting ways to maximize design. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect shade:

Contrast Colors: While you do want your garage door’s color and design to be integrated into the look of the rest of your home, you also don’t want it to blend in or disappear into your walls — then it has no chance of enhancing your design or increasing your curb appeal. When picking your paint color, you’ll want to choose a hue that contrasts with the color of your house in an appealing way. Choosing a color a few shades darker than your siding can be a good idea — so if your home is a light tan, you might choose to paint your garage door a light brown that stands out against it without appearing too stark. Picking a neutral — like gray, white, brown or tan — that contrasts with your siding is usually a safe bet.

Complement Other Front Features: If you want to tie together the look of your front exterior design, using your garage to bring out other front features is a smart style choice. You might decide to paint your garage door the same color as your shutters or your trim, for example, or draw out the color of your front door or porch by painting the garage a similar complementary shade. Using your garage door color to enhance your other home features and draw attention to the front of the home as a whole creates a sense of visual balance that can boost your curb appeal.

Define Your Space: Without a difference in colors or a design plan for your garage and home color scheme, the whole front of your house can end up blending together or clashing — which does a disservice to the beauty of your home’s architecture and design style. Choosing contrasting or complementary colors to break up the details in your garage door and home’s facade allows you to define your house’s space, stand out and emphasize the design details that make your home special. It’s amazing what the right colors can do.

Stay Subtle: While you might want to make a bold statement with your garage door and make sure you stand out from your neighbors’ homes, avoid picking paint colors that are too bold or bright. If you opt for a paint shade that’s too vibrant or doesn’t complement the rest of your home’s colors — like a blazing red or a bright blue that doesn’t appear anywhere else on the front of your home — you risk drawing attention only to the garage, and not in a positive way. You want your garage to be a complementary feature to add curb appeal to your home, not an overly bright eyesore that clashes with other features and makes the rest of your house look dull. For this reason, it’s smart to stick to subtle shades of color like neutrals, light blues, pale yellows, pale greens or toned-down maroons that draw out already-existing home colors.

If you are interested in purchasing a new garage door, be sure to take advantage of our free garage door estimates. We will come to your home at your convenience and make you aware of all your options. For all of your Garage Door needs, be sure to call a name you can trust! Integrity Door Services 832-641-0402

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Garage Doors Add Curb Appeal

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