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Gutter and Garage Door Maintenance

Gutter Maintenance and Why it's Important

In this post, we are moving a bit from our usual topic of garage doors and discussing some other very importance maintenance that is often overlooked.Given the massive floods we have experienced over the last few years, we know for certain, water can be terribly destructive, even simple leaks and streams over time can bring about very extensive damage.  Just a little gutter maintenance and inspections can greatly assist in caring for and protecting your home.  Unfortunately, many people do not think about cleaning or repairing their gutters until there is already a problem. As with anything, preventative maintenance is by far the most cost effective solution and can avert a lot of expensive repairs and problems down the road. 

Debris can build up in your gutters that obstructs the proper flow of water, it also adds additional weight that can lead to sagging and pulling away from the roof line. Excessive debris build up in the gutters can result in standing water which increases the chance of rust and mold growing on the roof and in various locations of your home. In worst case scenarios, improperly drained gutters can lead to leaks inside the house.  Water chooses the path of least resistance, it flows to the lowest level and we much be pro actively directing it's route.  

Check the downspouts! Clogged downspouts will often cause rainwater to flow over the side of the gutters, scattering mulch and creating little gullies and streams all around your house and can damage and/or destroy plants, flowers and gardens.

Some other potential damage that we don't usually think about is the home's foundation.  A good, functional gutter system will direct water off your rooftop and away from your home's foundation towards areas of the yard equipped to handle and absorb excess water.  Clogged or loose gutters can leave water to choose it's own trajectory, running down the side your house and potentially damaging the foundation or even rotting the siding or trim on your home.  

As long as you are addressing excess debris around your house, be sure to inspect the rubber seal at the bottom of your garage door.  The rubber seal at the bottom of your garage door can wear out and deteriorate over time.  The rubber seal can be easily replaced and will greatly assist your efforts to keep out unwanted leaves, critters a debris.  Or perhaps you could use a bit of garage door maintenance, this is something we do on a regular basis and we do it well.

No matter your needs, a garage door repair, garage door replacement, or a just some preventive maintenance, call a name you can trust!  Christian, family owned and operated, no job too big and no job too small.  Integrity Garage Door Service 832-641-0402

Garage Door and Gutter Maintenance
Garage Door and Gutters

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