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Has My Garage Door Opener Been Affected by Lightning?

Thunderstorms and lightning strikes...we have had more than a few over the last several months and they can be as damaging as they are impressive. The electricity discharged by a lightning strike can start a fire and fry any number of electrical objects in a house. The power will surge from the ground through water and into electrical wiring which means that a direct hit is not necessary for lightning to damage household equipment.

One item that is very vulnerable are Garage Door Openers. After a lightning storm, there are three signs to look for to determine if your Garage Door Opener was possibly damaged by lightning.

1. The Garage Door Opener acts haphazardly. It may open suddenly without a person pushing the button or it may stop half-way open. The electrical circuits could have been harmed by a power surge from a nearby lightning strike.

2. Remote controls and/or keypads may stop working. The circuits that detect the remote signals could be damaged. Change the batteries to be sure that isn't the culprit, if new batteries do not help, it’s most likely the result of a lighting power surge.

3. Lights on the unit are acting up or will not turn on. Most Garage Door Openers have a light on the back of the opener that flashes if there is an object in the way of the door or other issues. If the light is flashing for no reason, there may be some damage.

A surge protector may help to safeguard your Garage Door Opener, however, most units are attached to a ceiling so adding a surge protector can get tricky.

If you are experiencing problems with your Garage Door or your Garage Door Opener and need to speak to a professional, be sure to give us a call. Brin has been repairing garage doors and openers for over 30 years, he knows what he is doing and he can be trusted. Integrity Door Services, no job too big and no job too small! 832-641-0402

Garage Door and Garage Door Opener
Has My Garage Door Opener Been Hit By Lightening?

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