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Keeping your Garage Free From Bugs

It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, bugs will often seek the refuge of a garage. They may be looking to warm up in the winter or cool off in the summer. Nevertheless a little proactive maintenance can assist in keeping their presence to a minimum.

Weather Seal

In some instances, such invasions may indicate a need for garage door repair, such as replacing the weather seal at the bottom of your garage door. Over time garage door weather seal can beep,e hard and brittle which may prevent it from sealing to the ground as it should.

Seal All Food

The idea of putting food in the garage can seem odd to some people, but a lack of storage space in the kitchen and/or pantry can make this necessary for some. Be sure that all food is properly sealed, including pet food, hungry bugs like both and will be naturally drawn to it and if left long enough, the bugs will begin to reproduce and the problem can get out of hand rather quickly.

Keep the Surroundings Dry

Open garage doors can mean that rain finds it's way in and can form little puddles of standing water, it can also collect in any number of containers, a garbage can lid or a planter. Such conditions will especially appeal to mosquitoes, this is a good reason to keep your garage free of any standing water.

Have Defensive Options in Place

Spraying insecticide on both sides of your baseboards can also serve as a deterrent for bugs. The same holds true for items like ant traps roach motels. near the outside. Such a small investment can avoid a costly call to an exterminator.

Check the Walls

Bugs will look for any way to enter a garage, even if the door is closed. One sneaky way that they gain entry is through any small cracks or holes in the walls. This, of course, leads to a parade of aggravating menaces setting up a permanent residence in your garage. The simplest cure for this problem is a caulking gun, of course the cost of a tube of caulk is minuscule and can be a very effective deterent

Seal Things Up

Keep in mind that the smallest entry point at the bottom of the weather seal on the garage door can make all other efforts counterproductive. The good news is that when you need your garage door seal replaced or any garage door repair for that matter, we are a name you can trust and we're just a short phone call away. Serving Conroe and all surrounding areas, (The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Montgomery, Willis and Tomball). Integrity Garage Door Service, no job too big and no job too small! 832-641-0402

Garage Door Maintenance
Garage Door Maintenance

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