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Garage Door Openers, what you need to know

Garage Door Openers are a must-have accessory that make our lives so much easier!

Today's modern technology provides so many different options, we have provided some information that might assist you as consider the different options available.

Garage Door Openers come with 2 different delivery systems. A chain Drive and a Belt Drive. A chain drive uses a metal chain as it's delivery mechanism and is the lesser expensive of the two options and unfortunately, can be a little noisier. This particular Garage Door Opener is often the opener of choice for property management companies. However, the Belt Drive is becoming the Garage Door Opener of choice for most home owners. The delivery system consists of a rubber belt reinforced with steel fibers and it is often referred to as a whisper drive because it's so smooth, customer's are often amazed at how quietly their door glides. The smooth ride along the rail also lends to less wear and tear on the overall door.

As far as the level of power, the 1/2 HSP is more than adequate for a standard steel door, however, if your door has a wood overlay it is going to be much heavier, therefore, you may want to consider the 3/4 HSP or more.

As far as accessories, most Garage Door Openers come with 2 hand held remotes, an outdoor keypad, and these days built in wifi (allowing you to operate it with your smart phone) is often a standard feature.

There are a number of other bells and whistles that may or may not appeal to everyone. Motion sensitive lights that come on as soon as movement is detected in the garage and battery back ups, that will operate the Garage Door in the event you experience an unexpected power outage.

Keep in mind that power surge cords are always a good idea. Lightening can easily take out a Garage Door Opener, and does so more than you might imagine. Such incidents are considered 'an act of God' and aren't usually covered under a warranty.

If your Garage Door Opener needs a tune-up or attention of any kind, be sure to give us a call. We are here today and we will be here tomorrow, Christian, family owned and operated....customer satisfaction is our only road to success!

Servicing: Conroe, The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, Willis, Tomball and all our surrounding neighbors!

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