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Manually Re-attaching Garage Door Opener

Homeowners pull emergency release cords for a number of reasons. Maybe your garage door opener malfunctioned in the middle of opening the garage door. Maybe the sensors on your garage door are sensing an obstruction when there isn’t one. Maybe you lost power.

Many think that reconnecting the door after pulling the release cord should be incredibly simple, but sometimes you can have trouble reconnecting the door to the automated garage door opener and getting the door back on track.

When you pull the emergency release, you engage a quick release mechanism that allows you to operate the garage door manually. You may have to manually open and close the garage door during this process, so be sure that you are physically able to handle doing that before beginning.

Some newer garage doors will automatically re-engage after an emergency release cord is pulled.

If yours does not auto re-engage, here are some helpful suggestions:


Check to make sure all sensors are working properly. If you see blinking lights on your garage door sensors, chances are that there is an obstruction. Check your surroundings and make sure no obstructions are present. You should see solid colors only.

Step 2:

Pull back on the emergency release cord until you see the lever connected to the cord attach itself to the automatic garage door opener. You should also hear it click into place. Make sure you do not pull too hard in this step, as you may unintentionally damage the cord or the opening mechanism.

Step 3:

Once its disengaged and should you use a manual lock, be sure to unlock before reattaching to the Garage Door Opener, it's easy to forget this little detail but raising the door with an automatic garage door opener while the lock is still fully engaged can do a lot of damage the garage door.

Step 4:

Try opening and closing your garage door using the opener. The problem should be fixed.

Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Opener

If you have any trouble, be sure to reference your garage door opener’s manual for troubleshooting suggestions.  Should you still have questions, be sure to call Integrity Door Services, we will be happy to put our hassle-free service to work for you!

Integrity Garage Door Services - 832-641-0402

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