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Noisy Garage Door? New Rollers and a Garage Door Tune-Up Can Make a Difference!

Garage door rollers are a key component for an efficient garage door system. They are used to attach the door to the tracks allowing it to open and close smoothly. Garage door rollers in good working condition help to ensure that the garage door remains quiet while operating smoothly and safely. If your garage door has become noisy, squeaky, or simply sounds rickety, it may be time to replace your garage door rollers

Be Careful Not To Ignore A Noisy Garage Door

Because a noisy garage door can still operate well, it is often overlooked and ignored. However, as a result of ignoring noise, rollers end up going long periods of time before being replaced. Old garage door rollers can cause friction and vibration in addition to noisy or wobbly operation. Even if you are not bothered by the noisiness of your garage door, it can still have unintended consequences and wear down your overall system more quickly.Worn out rollers not only prevent a garage door from opening smoothly and efficiently, it can also lead to other problems. Broken or worn down rollers can lead toNoisy garage door when opening and closingGarage doors that are off trackWorn, if not broken, hinges, brackets, and gearsInefficient or malfunctioning garage door opener

Types Of Garage Door Rollers

Rollers are available in different sizes and materials. Garage door rollers come in variety of sizes ranging from one to three inches. Two inch rollers are most commonly used in residential homes, while 3 inch rollers are more common in commercial properties as they are better equipped for heavier garage doors. Rollers are primarily made of plastic, steel or nylon. Each material will affect how quiet the door opens and closes and will also vary in cost and durability. Rollers also come in varying amounts of ball bearings, which impact quietness.Plastic Rollers: Plastic garage door rollers are the cheapest option and typically do not have any ball bearings. These rollers cannot handle heavier garage doors such as insulated or wooden doors and have an average lifespan of three years or so. If you have plastic garage door rollers, you must be careful to inspect them often and replace when necessary. Steel Rollers: Steel garage door rollers are available in 7 and 10 ball bearings and last longer than plastic rollers. Steel rollers however are not always very smooth and can be quite noisy against a steel track. Nylon Rollers: Nylon garage door rollers are available in 10 and 13 ball bearings and are of a higher quality than their plastic and steel counterparts. Nylon rollers maintain a smoother and quieter function. These premium nylon garage door rollers can efficiently last between 12 to 20 years and do not require lubrication. Most garage doors are now equipped with nylon garage door rollers and they can even be used for heavier or commercial doors. Of course a garage door tune-up includes lubrication and tightening of hinges and bolts, and will also leave your door running more quiet and smooth. Be sure to call Integrity Garage Door Services for any services and/or repairs. No job too big, no job too small! 832-641-0402

New Nylon Garage Door Rollers Can Make Such a Difference!

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