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Secure Your Home Against Break-ins

The Garage is an important room in our house that can store many valuables such as motorcycles, mountains bikes, etc.  This door can too often be forgotten when securing our homes.  

First of all, when running errands, a trip to the mall or grocery store, remember to keep your car doors locked at all times.  Thieves know the first place to look for a garage door remote is the sun visor. If they are able to steel it, today's technology makes it quite easy to find your home and within minutes they could have access to your garage. Don't leave your remote clipped to your sun visor, hide it in a place where thieves won't think of looking. Many garage door openers now make is possible to operate your garage door from your smartphone, this can replace the need for a remote.

Do you know how old your electric garage door opener is?  If the date precedes 1993, now is the time to consider replacing it for the sake of safety.  Prior to this date, the code signal was much simpler making it easier for thieves to scan and come back at a later date.  

Leaving home for an extended period?  You may want to disconnect the garage door opener from the electrical outlet.  This simple step makes a break-in via your garage door opener impossible.  

If you have windows in the top section of your garage door, would be thieves can see any valuables you may have stored in your garage.  Armed with a wire clothes hanger, they can easily pop the manual release latch on the track of the garage door opener.  If you have glass, you may want to cover them with some kind of reflective privacy film. 

When securing your home at night, always check your garage door as part of your routine.

And last but not least, lots of exterior lighting around your home and garage is always a good deterrent.

Remember, we are just a phone call away and stand ready to assist with all your garage door needs, no job too big, no job too small. 832-641-0402

Secure your Garage Door against break-ins
Some simple steps to help secure your home and loved ones

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