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The Garage, A Great Place To Start Your Spring Cleaning

When we think of Spring cleaning, we usually think of cluttered cabinets and closets but the garage is really a great place to start your de-cluttering and and organization. There is also a really good reason to start with the garage, it has a big moving door that really needs plenty of clearance to avoid unwanted off-tracks and other unexpected accidents.

Clear everything out of the garage

The first step to cleaning your garage is to actually clear everything out—yes, everything. Which means you will want to choose a day that has very favorable weather conditions, no rain, and hopefully not too much heat or cold. Pull those vehicles out along with sports equipment, lawn and garden tools, ATV's and whatever else may be in there.

A Good Cleaning,

Now is a good time to tackle those cobwebs and a deep clean to the floors and walls. You may even want to grab a hose and a bristle brush, your garage door will soon sparkle and the space will truly begin to feel and look transformed.

Get organized

The next step is to get organized. This is where taking everything out of your garage really pays off. Think twice and very carefully about what you put back into your garage, perhaps you will want to start a pile for an upcoming garage sale or a trip to the Good-will and maybe a second pile for trash. Be sure that all tools with handles are stored far away from the garage door, so many off-tracks happen as a result of coming down on a broom or shovel handle. You may also want to consider investing in tools and equipment that assist with storage, this will certainly help you to keep everything organized.

Cleaning the garage may seem daunting, but you will be amazed at how rewarding it will be.

Ensure your garage door is working well

While you’re at it, you should also make sure your garage door is working well. The best way to do that is to call the professionals at Lake Woodlands Garage Door for an annual $49 tune-up. Or maybe it's time for a brand new garage door, take advantage of our free onsite estimates.

Remember, for all your garage door needs, be sure to call the most trusted name in Conroe and surrounding areas, Integrity Garage Door 832-641-0402

The Garage and Spring Cleaning
The Garage and Spring Cleaning

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