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The Value of Your Garage Door

If you are like most people, you probably don't really think about your garage door very much. It's just another room in your house, even though it is where you likely park your car and store some very important items.  So many never really stop to think about just how important their garage is and the value it can bring to their home.  

Spring is here and more homeowners than normal, may be considering listing their home for sale.  In this short blog, you will find some reasons to invest in a good, attractive, functional garage door and garage door opener, whether to increase the value of your home or to increase the functionality for your own various needs, perhaps some kind of improvement, care and/or maintenance may be in order. 

A NEW GARAGE DOOR ADDS VALUE TO YOUR HOME  Whether you are planning to sell your home in the future or now, you will be happy to know that having a well-maintained garage can help to increase the value of your home. Not only will potential buyers be pleased to know that they have a place for their vehicle and storage, but when you have a front-facing garage door, it can add to the beauty of the home’s curb appeal. If a door is damaged, it's a turn-off to potential buyers, nevertheless, if a door is sound, but the style is wrong, it can still stand out for the wrong reasons.  Be sure the style of your garage door compliments the architecture of your home. Front facing doors can account for between 30% and 45% of what people see when they pull up.  This investment can certainly pay off as good curb appeal is critical when selling a home.  A quality garage door that looks great and operates as it should can help to enhance your home’s appearance and add to the overall value. Do not underestimate it.

A CONVENIENT ENTRY The convenience of a garage door opener is invaluable.  Around 70% of people who have a garage door, use the garage door as an entry into their home. This is true even when they are on foot, they still tend to open up the garage door and walk through the garage to get inside the home. One of the reasons is because they will generally have a key pad that provides keyless access to the home.  This prevents the need to carry around heavy, bulky keys that can be easlily misplaced or cumbersome to carry.  A smooth, quiet, functional garage door can be invaluable, and don't underestimate a set of heavy duty, nylon rollers, they will help the door glide like a dream.   BENEFITS OF A GARAGE DOOR OPENER

CONVENIENCE Convenience is invaluable. People want the fastest phone, the car with the most features, and all the gadgets that help to prepare meals in the kitchen with minimal time, effort and mess. There’s just no time for inconvenience. Of course, an automatic garage door opener is all about convenience. Who wants to get out of their car, open the garage door, get back in the car, drive in or out of the garage, get out again, and close the door back? Pretty much, no one. In fact we have noticed that new home buyers often schedule a garage door opener before they even close on their house. They want the convenience when moving in on day one.

SECURITY Convenience isn't the only perk with a garage door opener, don't forget about the all important security issue.

Many home owners have items in their garage that they want to keep safe. They put motorcycles, classic cars, expensive tools, bicycles, sporting gear, camping equipment and so much more.  They want the items safe from thieves as well as the elements.  Keeping everything secure is critical, and the garage is a perfect place for that. If you have a detached garage that has a high ceiling, you might also want to consider an overhead storage area. This will let you get even more out of the amazing space you can enjoy in your garage.

THE GARAGE IS AN INVALUABLE ROOM FOR YOUR HOME By now, you should have a better idea of just how important your garage is and all that it does for you. When you take the time and care to keep the garage safe and organized, and when you make sure it looks great, it can provide you with some great benefits. It may take some time to clean out, organize and get your garage door in tip top working condition, but in the end, you will be so glad you did.

If you need help with anything that involves the a garage door or garage door opener, feel free to give us a call, we look forward to answering any questions you may have. Integrity Door Services, Call A Name You Can Trust!


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The Value of Your Garage Door

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