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Tips To Keep Kids Safe Around Garage Doors

Kids love to spend time outdoors with friends, playing in the yard and even the's always a good time to discuss potential dangers of the garage door with your family.

It's a good rule of thumb to set some ground rules for your family concerning garage doors.

* Keep fingers away from moving parts.

Garage doors feature heavy machinery and certain parts of your garage door should never be handled. Be sure your children know that when the tracks, rollers, and cables are in motion they should never be touched. These sections can pinch fingers if they are near the garage door when opening or closing.

* Don’t throw objects around the garage door.

Ask your children to pause their games when the garage door is in motion. Stray balls and other objects can get caught, causing the garage door hardware to break or malfunction.

* Check your garage door sensors.

Ideally, garage door sensors should ensure that a garage door stops or reverses if an object is in the way. This prevents toys and even bumpers from being damaged by a closing door.

Check your sensors regularly to make sure they are functioning correctly, clean them periodically, something as small as a spider web, leaf or pine needle can interfere with them. The safety beams can be easily knocked out of alignment, take special care when moving items like bike and trash cans through the entrance of the garage door.

* Exit Garage Door carefully

Children should never try to run under the garage door as it is closing. The exit doesn’t always go according to plan and can lead to an unexpected fall and injuries of various kinds. If you would like to close the garage door from the exterior, you may want to consider installing a keypad, these can be easily added to the outside of your home. Once the correct code has been entered, the garage door can be safely closed.

Garage Door Safety
Children and Garage Door Safety

Of course, we are always here to answer any questions you may have. Whatever your garage door needs, be sure to call a name you can trust!

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