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Ways To Ensure Your Garage Door Is Secure

Garage doors are pretty essential to most homes. Often times they are no longer a secondary entrance but a primary one. The garage also serves as storage for your possessions and valuables, such as your vehicles, tools and hobby supplies just to name a few. The garage also contributes to the curb appeal of your home.

Garage doors with a garage door opener are can be considerably safer than a traditional garage door that may be equipped with a simple, manual lock.

Many people are uninformed of the importance of securing their garage door and the ease with which thrives can break in.

Hopefully these tips will help you work some of these issues.

1. AVOID KEEPING YOUR GARAGE DOOR REMOTE IN YOUR CAR Many people have a habit of keeping the automatic garage door remote on the dashboard or the front visor of the car. Although this is convenient for you, this is the first place a thief will look, they can then break into your car and find instant access to your home.

You may want to opt for a can opt for a smaller garage door remote that you can attach with your keychain and carry with you. You can also use a smart garage opener that is compatible with your smartphone.

2. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GARAGE DOOR OPEN There are plenty of people who do not lock their garage door securely after every use. Some people do not bother to close their garage doors if they are in the surrounding vicinity. However, an open garage door is an open invitation for burglars to break in and steal your valuables.  When you arrive at night to your home, after parking the car inside, close the garage door first before getting out of your vehicle. Closing the garage door before getting out of your car will keep you secure until your garage door is fully closed. You may also use a timer to close the garage door after should you forget to shut it manually.  

3. USE LIGHTS OUTSIDE YOUR GARAGE Thieves do not like lights as it exposes them to anyone watching them while trying to enter through the garage door. Install bright lights in front of your garage door and other dark spots around your house. You can even use motion-sensing flood lights to illuminate your courtyard when someone is present, and it serves to scare away burglars as well. 

4. HIDE THE INTERIORS FROM OUTSIDE VIEW If you have windows in your garage door or near your garage door springs, consider frosting them or covering them to prevent thieves from having a view of the inside of your garage. Thieves like to scan the contents of your home and garage for several days before making their move. An open window will easily reveal any valuables you may have in your garage. You can also may use blinds or curtains should you want the option to let sunlight in.

5. UNPLUG GARAGE DOOR OPENER Whenever you leave your home for long periods, such as a vacation, remember to unplug your garage door opening system to prevent the chance of unwanted entry. You can also use a sliding lock on the vertical tracks of the garage door and a deadbolt on the inside between the garage door and the wall of the garage to further secure your garage while you are away. 

6. INSTALL WIDE PEEPHOLES AND SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS Having a wide-angle peephole on the door of your garage or the front door can enable you to have a look outside should hear a suspicious noise. Installing surveillance cameras are also excellent way to observe potential threats and they make any intruder very uncomfortable.

CONCLUSION Garage Doors provide such a large opening to your home, it can be a very vulnerable and targeted point of entry. Securing your garage door and garage door parts are fundamental to ensure that your home, along with your family and your possessions, are secure. If you have any questions or need service of any kind, be sure to call Integrity Door Services 832-641-0402

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