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When To Replace Your Garage Door

Often times, the garage door tends to get overlooked until it’s too late. Homeowner's often grapple with the question, do we repair or replace the garage door.   Here are some ideas to think about when trying to decide.  There are some signs that your garage door is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

The first factor when deciding if you need to replace your garage door is safety. If you notice that your garage door can easily be broken into, it's definitely time to replace it.  Your garage door should not be easy to open and the panels should fit snug and tight.   

Keep in mind that repairing your door does not always solve cosmetic issues such as various dents and dings.  The garage door is not like a car, the metal is far thinner and dents and dings are not so easily removed.  Are you going to turn your home into a rental in the foreseeable future?  If so, the cosmetic issues may not be so critical to address.  However, if you are planning to put your home on the market for sale, you may want to apply any repair charges to a whole new door and it's far more affordable than most people realize.  This can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home while increasing its value, a new Garage Door is an investment you can expect to get a return on.  

If you simply have a damaged panel, please know that matching the existing panels can be a challenge.  Every Garage Door company has slightly different styles and the styles change over the years and sometimes they are discontinued. If your existing track is in good working order, you may want to consider simply changing out all the panels.  This can save the homeowner a little bit of money and the new panels will solve any functional and cosmetic issues, it will look like a whole new door.

If you have a wood door, you might want to consider replacing with a steel door that looks like wood.  You won't have to worry about rotting and refinishing the Garage Door ever again. This is an option many customers are choosing these days as our hot, humid Texas weather can be very hard on wooden Garage Doors.  

Please know that our doors are good and sturdy, they have a lifetime warranty agains rust, cracks and splits.  We use 2 torsion spring on our double doors, heavy hinges and the 13 ball nylon rollers.  It's truly a fantastic purchase and far more affordable than most realize.  Whether you opt to repair or replace your Garage Door, we hope you will give us a call.  Estimates for new Garage Doors are always free and we would certainly appreciate the opportunity to earn your job too big, no job too small, call a name you can trust!

Call Brin Duncan at Integrity Door Services 832-641-0402

New Garage Door
When To Replace Your Garage Door

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