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Why did my garage door come off it's tracks?

Garage doors can be knocked off-track for a number of reasons. Here are just a couple of easy tips that can help you avoid this sometimes dang e

erous and always inconvenient mishap.

The most obvious reason a garage door can be knocked off track is due to being hit with your car. When we get in a hurry, it's so easy to pull out of the garage too fast before the door is fully open, clipping it with the car. A great rule of thumb is to always open your garage door from the wall button. This allows your garage door time to begin opening as you get settled in your car. These extra few seconds can make all the difference when distracted and in a hurry.

Another common reason doors come off-track is because they too often come down on a broom handle or some kind of obstruction. For this reason, be sure to gather all the rakes, brooms and shovels into one area, away from the garage door track.

Stay vigilant, scan the area on a regular basis to be sure it's free of any and all obstructions.

Of course, should you need any kind of garage door assistance, we are always a phone call away, call a name you can trust! 832-641-0402

garage door off-track or crooked
A couple of tips to help prevent knocking your garage door off-track

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