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Why Does My Garage Door Get Stuck?

If your garage door gets stuck when opening or closing, the disruptions can get real frustrating real fast. Sometimes even with regular upkeep and maintenance, it can happen as your door ages.


Safety concerns can not be over stated when dealing with a garage door, safety precautions are critical. Garage doors are very heavy and torsion springs hold a tremendous amount of tension just waiting to be released, for this reason, we recommend torsion springs be left to the trained professionals as they can cause great injury.

When attempting to fix a garage door that is stuck in the open position, you will want to turn the garage door opener off. If can safely, manually pull the garage door closed before attempting to address it, this is recommended. Nevertheless, if you encounter resistance, do not force it. Listed below are some very simple solutions to consider when address a garage door that is stuck. If the problems can not easily be addressed, it is important to step back and call a professional. using these solutions, stop and call a professional to avoid injury. Please do not attempt to replace garage door parts or attempt any extensive repairs on the garage door.


* BAD WEATHER If you experience a garage door sticking during a cold winter, especially farther north, ice may have built up and put pressure on your springs. Even if you clear the ice, the spring may be damaged and could need replacing. Once again, if you do find that your problem is a broken spring, call a professional immediately. Trying to replace a garage door spring yourself is dangerous and you could void your garage door warranty.

* JAMMED OR OBSTRUCTED TRACK Your garage door works because the garage door opener unwinds or winds the torsion springs, pulling or pushing the garage door with rollers along a track. If there is something lodged in one of the tracks it could obstruct the free movement of the rollers, causing the garage door to get stuck. As a safety precaution, first be sure to turn off the garage door opener, then check to see if there is an object blocking or obstructing any part of the track.

* JAMMED PULLEY OR BROKEN SPRING The pulley and spring system is critical to pulling your garage door back and forth along the track hence opening the door. If you have a jammed pulley system or a broken spring, your garage door will not function properly, and if it happened while you were opening or closing the garage door, you might find the garage door stuck in the open position. All torsion springs have a limited cycle life. An average torsion spring usually lasts about 10,000 cycles, a cycle happens each time the door opens and closes. If you have a broken spring or a problem with the pulley system, it's time to call in a professional.

* GARAGE DOOR IS OFF-TRACK In some cases, it is possible for the rollers that move the garage door up and down to jump the track. If your garage door gets stuck when opening, this may be why. If the rollers are out of the track contact a professional. Garage Doors a bit more complicated than they seem, often times attempts to repair them can only make the situation worse and the repair more extensive.

* LOCKED GARAGE DOOR One of the first things you will always want to check, is to be sure the door is not simply locked. If your door has a locking system, make sure it is turned off or disengaged and then try opening and closing the door again.

* LACK OF LUBRICATION Poor lubrication is a very common and easy fix. Garage Doors need to be properly lubricated every few months as part of preventative maintenance. If you aren't sure how to do this, be sure to give us a call, our standard garage door tune-up is only $39, we can show you the proper way to lubricate your door for continued maintenance.

* DAMAGED GARAGE DOOR TRACK Over time, your garage door track can be damaged, resulting in a garage door that will frequently get stuck open. Weather damage and harsh impacts can also dent, twist or distort your garage door track. This is something that would be wise to have professionally addressed.

* ISSUES WITH THE GARAGE DOOR SENSOR Lastly, your garage door may have photo eyes that stop it from closing if they sense an obstruction. Keep in mind the obstruction in question may be as simple as direct sunlight, a spider web or a leaf, or even a little bit of dirt. Often times, they are an easy fix.

Of course you have a choice when choosing a garage door service, please know that we are honest, hardworking and a very trusted name in Conroe, Texas and all surrounding areas. Always call a name you can trust, Integrity Door Services, 832-641-0402. Also serving The Woodlands, Spring, TX, Montgomery, Tomball, Porter, New Caney, Magnolia, Willis, New Waverly and Oak Ridge North.

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Why Does Your Garage Door Get Stuck?

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